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Please let this day get better!

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Wednesday morning we had a tornado where I live, so we were without power yesterday til about 5:30 or so. This morning, Mom is getting ready to head to work and I'm getting ready for my day taking care of my kids and my grandmother (who has Alzheimers). Mom goes to check on her and yells for me. She is lying on the floor in her own vomit. We finally get her up into her bed, during this she passes out at one point. Mom and I then get her up and into the bathroom so Mom can get her a shower while I go clean up the mess and change her bed. We get her back in bed and let her rest. Mom decides to stay home (Thank the Lord!).


After breakfast I hear what I think is one of the kids playing with something, realize all of them are watching TV, so I check on Mamma (grandmother) and she's fallen again. This time she can't/won't get up so I call emergency services. They get her back in bed, but no one really wants to take her to the hospital as there isn't really anything they can do for her that we can't here. So I am sent on an errand to get bed rails and bed alarms.


While I'm gone she falls again but Mom manages to get her back up.


After lunch, my son projectile vomits all over the bathroom.


I'm am so ready for bed!

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Thanks! It's just been a rough day and I really want to curl up and either sleep or cry... not sure which yet. I just needed some encouragement.


:grouphug: That sounds like a lot of stress. I'm so sorry, and I hope you get a bit of time to breathe soon. :grouphug:

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