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MCT Literature Guides- anybody try these?


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Dd8 is re-reading WiTW w/ the MCT book currently. We're just getting started on our discussions. I'll have more info later.


I'm fairly terrible at managing to find time for lit discussions. She reads too darn fast. I'm looking at LL7 for next year. I ordered Figuratively Speaking today. I own Deconstructing Penguins. My poor dds. :)

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We have used the MCT annotated books and teachers guide for Alice and Peter. For us, it has been terrific! We take turns reading the book aloud, including the commentary on grammar, literary elements, and vocabulary. The comments directly reinforce what is learned in the language arts program. I appreciate that the annotated books connect what we are learning in grammar, vocab, and poetry with an exciting story.


Since I spend all my "teaching" time with my daughter (and do no prep) and I am not super creative, I very much appreciate the quote quizzes, creative questions, and essay questions. If I did not have the teaching manual, it would not happen in our house. My daughter especially enjoys the creative questions and turns them into terrific writing projects. We had great fun quizzing each other with the quotes. It has been a wonderful addition to our language arts program and created some wonderful times for us.



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