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  1. We are moving to the West Houston area in July. I have been trying to find homeschool groups around that area, but I thought it might be best to ask around here. If you are there (or have been), could you chime in and let me know what is available for homeschoolers? I am interested in groups which host spelling bees (and the like), offer play days, and maybe even administer standardized tests. Thanks so much!!
  2. Hi all, I am wondering if anyone has had their children take the IEW online classes? If so, what did you think? Pros? Cons? Thanks in advance!
  3. We are using Elementary Greek. I think it is simple, but offers some fun activities. It is not colorful. It is not overly fancy. I like the memory verses, etc. We do supplement with a CD called Sing and Learn Biblical Greek. It offers declensions, etc. in a song. My kids memorize the charts and the vocab. We are pretty straightforward with it, but it is getting the job done. Just so you know where I am coming from: I am interested in my kids' learning Greek so that they can some day read the NT in the original. I am not looking for much beyond that. HTH
  4. I haven't started summer work yet, but I HOPE that we'll get some things done to keep ahead. The plan is to school in the very warm afternoons when no one wants to go outside anyway! Can you try to carve out two hours in that time frame? Of course, it won't work like that if you are in a different climate than I am ... You have gotten a lot of great advice- hope something works!
  5. Agree with the bolded. For ds, we see what we thought he was capable of all along. I always remember the times I have seen him playing piano with meds and without meds ... wow, what a difference. It isn't that he is a virtuoso with meds, but it comes so much easier to him. If off meds is acceptable for your family- do it! We often consider the possibility of taking ds off the meds. We may decide to do it. I am constantly aware of the trajectory for unmedicated kiddos, however, and it seems to help ds so much. For now, we will stick with it.
  6. I am really excited about it this year with my kiddos! I am eager to read your blogs since it will be our first year.
  7. My dc are at the end of Elementary Greek year 1 and my husband has been asking that all year! They have had several situations going from Greek to English. It hasn't been a real issue, but it does challenge them a bit. Thanks for the clarification!
  8. Bumping because I would like to hear more of this ... I have natural spellers. Would WW be better? Any ideas?
  9. I'm planning/purchasing for next year: WWE 1 FLL 1 Singapore/Miquon Spelling Workout SOTW 2 RS4K- Astronomy (tagging along with older ds and dd) HWOT- grade 1 Lots of reading! Piano/Art Also trying our hand at CC this year ... :) It is helpful to see other plans!
  10. Ds is sloppy all over the place. It isn't that he leaves things out ... he "makes" his bed, but it is a tangle of sheets; he cleans the bathroom, but there are toothbrushes and toothpaste put in random places; his handwriting has been a struggle forever. The thing is, he actually loves order, but he just moves on to other things or thoughts before he is done with the current one.
  11. I am looking to make a list of books to read together for next school year. I was so hit and miss this year ... I want to have one book a month. It would be a read aloud and then discuss in a Teaching the Classics manner. This would be for all my children (5, 7, and 9) and me, but I think it could be a higher level since it is a read aloud. Does anyone do this already? If so, could you share your list of books? Thanks so much!!
  12. You know, I started off with the teacher's book and the student's book. But then I realized we were going to skip so many pages and go quickly through it ... so I decided to have ds write on scrap paper or the white board. Then I could save the student book for my dd. She is actually using it now and I'm honestly finding that we can use the board or scrap paper again. For our situation, the diagram lines are a problem. It is better for my dc to construct the diagram on the paper/board. Then I can see if they really get it. I share this only for a different perspective. I think that most people probably like having the student book.
  13. I loved it! My kids have been dragged into all sorts of museums around the world ... they did a great job in every one of them. We couldn't stay as long as we may have if it were just dh and me, but it was still very worth it! Thanks for posting!
  14. I can't say for sure, but dh and I believe that IB will be right for our children when the time comes (they are young now). Dh was the IB coordinator at an international christian school (for anyone who cares: IB is highly secular; we used it with a Biblical worldview, but most schools do not). It is rigorous for certain, and I agree that some kids just won't do well in it. The pp did a good job of explaining it ... I will just add that North America is now seeing the largest growth of the IB diploma (which starts in grade 11; the IB has programs for younger students, too). In addition, a score of 31 average to low average. Just for reference, the highest student score I have seen is 42. One last thing: the diploma rides on one series of tests. If your children do not test well, this probably isn't the best option for them.
  15. I saw that it is going to be on sale but I've never used it or looked at it. Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks!
  16. We do Prima Latina and Elementary Greek ... so I may not be on the same page as you, BUT I wanted to offer this thought: We take a week off from the lessons every 6 weeks or so to spend time with memory- declensions, vocab, memory verses, etc. I found that after such a week my kids were really ready to go on. Maybe you could try that for a bit before making her repeat the whole book?
  17. We do MCT and narration. We do FLL/WWE at higher levels. We read everything we can. We write letters a lot. I was worried about spelling so we started with Spelling Workout at several levels higher, but we won't be doing that again. Others suggested the Spell it! list and I agree with that suggestion. It is so nice to have fun with LA!
  18. Like some others have said: Math drills MCT 4 level analysis Spelling Every morning we have "morning board work" tailored to each child I love it!
  19. Thanks all! Yes, SOTW makes more sense. :laugh:
  20. http://www.currclick.com/product/47885/Copying-the-Poems%3A-The-Voice-of-Spring---HWT-3-A?term=bogart+resources+handwriting+with+&it=1 I am hoping this works for a link ... it doesn't look like it will. I found it just by going to currclick and entering Bogart Resources Handwriting Without Tears. Also, I think she is a member here. Maybe she'll chime in, too.
  21. My dc have finished up HWOT cursive just recently. I went to Currclick and bought the Bogart resources copywork book that matches up with HWOT. They use it once a week and still need to look at the chart when they do. They write letters once a week and they need to do that same thing. Do you have pencil grips at your disposal? I found that my ds does better with a pencil grip. Do they have any other fine motor issues? I am just asking because my dc have always had more trouble with fine motor tasks and I've learned to just roll with it taking a little longer than I might want! :glare:
  22. I use it with ds9 and dd7. They are both accelerated in some way. Ds has retained more, but dd has been the most creative with it. It has been interesting to see the differences.
  23. I know that this exists ... but my search here is coming up dry. Can anyone link me to a list of books for STOW? It seems like perhaps it was a list of STOW with TOG or something of that kind. Thanks!
  24. Incognito- totally agree with you. Just thinking about my own dd with a perfectionist personality . . . my words were saying it was ok to "just try", but my actions didn't always support that. Also, piano has been a good exercise for dd. Yes, she still gets frustrated if she feels that she can't do it right away, but she also has experienced working hard, failing, but surviving, and then working hard again. Also, your dd is still young. Some of this will iron out with time and maturity. My dh is fond of reminding me that this is a "cross country race, not a sprint". She is blessed to have a mother who cares for her and knows her for who she is.
  25. I am looking for something fun for grammar practice. I have done some looking and found a few things. The problem is that the sites are all too easy- locate the noun and the verb. Does anyone know of a higher level game or website? Or, if not that, than perhaps a book/resource to use for this purpose? Thank you for your input!
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