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CrossPost: Discussion on Susan Barton's Program & Possible Tutoring

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Hi There,


:bigear: I'm curious to hear how people using the Barton's Program like it. I'm right now in the research phase of looking into possibly tutoring it.

(I've done the first step of listening to the video and making sure I can hear the correct sounds. Yay! I can )

Working with children is something I enjoy, and I want to have a "part-time" job as I'm almost ready to "grow up". My son is 8 and so within a few years, he'll be either in school or at least more independent.

I'm wondering if anyone here can give me insight into how easy it was to get started with tutoring the system. I've used WRTR and I'm familiar with SWR. I know that Barton is different.....

Is it really something I can study and then "Open and Go"?

Potentially I'd like to tutor a few children through it and then become "certified". I think I would be willing and happy to tutor at least 2 children through for just the cost of the materials. I've actually considered whether the public school here would consider letting me "volunteer"....


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I can offer some information about Lindamood-Bell.


Do you have a LMB center near you? They provide free training and part-time employment to tutors. Their programs are in high demand and very good quality. You'd be able to access free training while earning and gaining necessary experience. Eventually, you could set up independently.



ETA: Lindamood-Bell is looking at opening a center in Portland. Is that too far?

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It really is that easy. I took my son all the way through Barton 10. It's scripted with brief summaries on the side (if you don't like reading the script) and there are videos which explicitly walk you through each lesson. Good luck.



I've tutored up to Barton 6 so far and plan to take my dc through all ten levels. The first few levels are short but how "easy" they are depends somewhat on the child/children you tutor--yet the materials are very easy to use.

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