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Do you have an amazing French program??


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I would love to hear about the French program that you are using!


Nallenart with my 4th and 6th grade children. It's not "amazing" but I'm pleased how much the kids have learned. I do add in some grammar instruction and other ideas/activities to keep it interesting.


Actually, I add in a lot of grammar instruction and constantly compare it to English and German, so that French is actually serving as more than a foreign language curric. but also as a springboard for decoding grammar in general.


The website is a nightmare to navigate- but I order the supplies as files rather than deal with shipping.


We started it at the beginning of last Summer and have done books 1, 2 and are finishing up 3. Next year I plan on doing through book 6.

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Um, raising them multilingual? That's our approach, and I must admit that it's highly effective. Though, it may not work so well if you're not fluent in French. :D

I would say that three good programs to look at are Pimsleur, Nallenhart, and Breaking the Barrier. None are "WOW!!! AMAZING!!!!!", but they're all solid, good programs.

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