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Yes more rental questions, lease questions now

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I have never signed a lease. All rentals I have rented have been verbal of x amount for rent due at the beginning of the month, you pay utilities etc. This home I am looking at requires a one year lease. I have no problem with that, since I will know I will have a home for one year for sure.


Now I found a place I really really like. It is not where we wanted to go, it is closer to this home not his work. Anyways the rent is $700 a month on a 3 bedroom, 1.75 bath, 2 car attached garage, large fenced lot. I really really want it! Great price and all.


So now to my questions, what all do that look for? We are in the process of fixing our credit, he has two more payments of his collection items and he will be debt free. Now mine is another story I have years and years to go. We are not married so he will be the main applicant. So my question for you is do I have to be a co applicant or just another resident of the house? My credit will really really effect our out come on this home.


Next question is on the application it asks have you ever been convicted of a felony. Well he has been but it has been over 15 years now and has not been in any trouble besides a few traffic tickets since. Will that effect us? Or will they take in consideration he has been on the right track for years?


Also we have animals, a small dog and a cat (who spends 98% of the time outside). I fear that the animal thing will effect us, but I cannot give up my animals. I would even offer them to see the home I am in now if that would help the process of me having my animals.:D


We will have the present landlord reference of us living here for almost 8 years, rent always paid on time every month, we have made improvements to the home, etc.


I just really am wondering what to expect. This is through a rel estate company who manages properties for people. If that helps you in helping me know what to expect.


Thank you for all your help and suggestions.

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You will have to disclose the pets and make sure they accept them before signing anything. Pets were always our biggest issue when renting as we had large dogs.


They will want referrals from your current landlord, probably.


I don't know about the co-lesse. They will probably want your name on it as well. Not being married shouldn't be an issue. I don't know about the credit.


You have to disclose the felony, I'm pretty sure it is illegal to withhold that information. Also, if you do and the management company finds out, then they could probably break the lease.


I would make sure you have personal and professional references, like your current landlord, employers, etc.

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You just have to tell the truth. If you don't, then you have committed fraud. It is a contract. Do not lie.


Tell the truth, be nice, offer references, etc, and hope for the best. Some property owners or managers will exclude you because of the pets or the felony, but others will not. If you are up front, nice, etc, then it will work out soon enough. Eventually you will find a good match.

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I would not lie that is for sure. Thank you for the advice. I will do as you said be nice and tell all so there is nothing hidden that will come back on us.


References will not be a problem. I can give personal, business, and references from bills etc. I will cross my fingers and hope for the best.

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