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Suggestions for 6th grade Book Club?

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oops - I accidentally posted this on the General board where it's already buried - meant to post it here! So kind of xpost...


I started a book club for my 5th grade dd and her friends this year, after launching a very successful book club for my older dds the year before. I was thinking I could just use a lot of the same books, and to some extent I will, but my younger dd (and her friends for that matter) are such a different bunch that I think I'd like to collect some more ideas.


My aim for this group is to get them to stretch themselves and read things they might not otherwise. I'd like to fit in a good number of classic books. But... these kids are not avid readers (as my older two and their friends all are). So I think I'll have to worry a bit more about high interest. As I look at some of the books I've got on the "possibles" list for the coming years, I think some of them might not fly. I should be clear - it's not lack of ability - they can all read just fine. It's lack of interest. The books that have held her interest the most have been Percy Jackson - but I am not looking to have books like that for the club - I want something with richer language and sentence structure. She just finished up a King Arthur book (assigned) and the Jungle Book, both of which have rich language - she can do it, but only if there's a big carrot (and perhaps a tiny stick).


So.. this year they've read (or will read):

The Secret of Platform Thirteen

The Wolves of Willoughby Chase

The Jungle Book

The Black Stallion

Five Children and It

The Wind in the Willows

Ella Enchanted

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

For upcoming years, here's my list so far:

Anne of Green Gables

The Call of the Wild

True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

The Star of Kazan

Witch of Blackbird Pond

Jules Verne (which one??)

The Penderwicks

Dick Whittington (?)

Julie of the Wolves

Treasure Island

Prince and the Pauper – Twain

House of Arden – Nesbit

Little Princess or Secret Garden – Frances Hodgson Burnett

Watership Down

Never Cry Wolf – Farley Mowat

The Yearling – Marjorie Rowlings

Captains Courageous



Which ones should I pick out for next year? What other good books might you suggest?

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Great list! :lurk5: I might use this for my own kids:)

My 9yo's personal favorite is The Girl Who Could Fly. I only read the 1st chapter, but found it had a rich language (the characters speak with a strong southern accent and it comes through very well in the book). I know she would recommend this book for your list.


My 11yo would probably recommend Heidi. As she would agree, it's so boring, but after you read it, you remember it fondly, lol.


The 9yo has not read Heidi and the 11yo has not read The Girl Who Could Fly. But I hear some interesting arguments from both girls trying to get the other sister to read their book, lol.

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