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Ds is taking High School Composition with Laurel Tree Tutorials this year. Here is my review so far. It's written in past tense and meant to be shared after the class is completed. You get a sneak preview. ;)


We used Laurel Tree Tutorials with Rebekah Randolph for 10th grade composition. The website is http://lt-tutorials.schools.officelive.com. The cost was $580 which we paid in 2 payments a few months apart.


Over the course of the year, the students write:

• Personal Essay (3-6 pages)

• Persuasive Essay (3-6 pages)

• Definition Essay (2-5 pages) ex. Describe teamwork

• Short Story (6-12 pages)

• Research Paper (8-12 pages)

• Character Sketch (2-5 pages)



• Syllabus provided at the beginning of the year provides clear assignments and deadlines for the entire year. This syllabus is available beforehand upon request.

• Weekly assignments are given Wednesday morning and are to be completed by the following Tuesday.

• Longer essays are walked through starting with thesis and brainstorming/outline. Teacher feedback is provided before the rough draft starts.

• Students post rough drafts and final essays to website for all classmates to read.

• Students provide 3 peer reviews of their classmate’s work.

• Teacher provides kind, thoughtful, pertinent, and abundant feedback on essays.



• None that I can think of (and that is unusual for me).


Rebekah Randolph offers a fabulous course in high school composition. Very professional. Very worthwhile. Highly recommend.



I will say that writing is my son's least favorite subject. He will procrastinate and put as little effort as possible into it. I had hoped that I could consider this course a full credit, but based on the amount of time ds spends on it, I'm not sure that I'm very comfortable with that. YMMV. OTOH, I have been pleased with the assignments and the instruction.

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