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Atelier Art Program- supply list?


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I can't stand trying to pull all of the stuff together week by week. Is there a consolidated list of everything I need to have on hand by level anywhere? If not, I will do it and post it. It is driving me insane and I find myself flipping through looking for something we can do with what we have on hand. We are using level 3 right now. I see the list from their kit but I am more thinking the pumpkin seeds and styrofoam etc. The scavenger list, not the shopping list. :001_smile:

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All I can say is that it is very rare to need more than the basic materials, which I'm sure they have listed in their supply list. That's one of the things I love about this program. The supplies are basic and very easy to keep on hand.


I do remember the pumpkin seed project, and I think we just improved with watermelon seeds or some other seeds we had on hand. The only thing I ever remember having any trouble finding was the clay for one of the projects in the earlier levels.



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