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Is acute bronchitis contagious?

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Bronchitis isn't an illness in and of itself. It could be caused by any number of viral or bacterial illnesses (which, could be contagious and possible dangerous to someone with a supersede immune function). It could also be caused by post-nasal-drip due to allergies (which would not be contagious). So, it is impossible to say.


Eta: I am typing from my phone, I wrote "suppressed" but it changed it to supersede? :P

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That is why I asked here because I kind of got a similar yes/no answer online!:tongue_smilie:

So, I feel kind of rotten but I have a surprise party tomorrow. Should I go? I have been in bed today and have been sleeping a lot but, my plan is to be all better tomorrow. (it's a great plan!). I have no fever now. It was just low grade last night. What say ye?

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