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Cutting-edge biology in a spare bedroom

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Here's an excellent article on one of the leading lights in the DIY biology movement.




This young man is doing recombinant DNA and other very advanced biology work, literally in a spare bedroom, on a shoestring budget. If you have a student who's deeply interested in biology, it's worth checking out the DIY bio movement.


Incidentally, the doomsday scenarios that are often used to create fear about DIY bio usually center on some kid creating and releasing a "super bug". Those fears are overblown to say the least. Even if a genetically-modified microorganism were released, it has zero years of evolution to adapt to its environment. It immediately finds itself surrounded by trillions of other microorganisms, all of which have billions of years of evolution behind them, and many of which would see the new microorganism as a tasty snack.


The chance that any DIY bio enthusiast could intentionally create a dangerous pathogen that could survive in the wild are minuscule; the chance of someone doing that unintentionally are vanishingly small.

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