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Reading Eggs vs Starfall - the kids have spoken


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I've been using Reading Eggs as an incentive to help dd6 through her Rosetta Stone lessons. She enjoys RS enough, but it's a bit boring, so I let the kids use Reading Eggs for 10 minutes each afterwards.


So ds4 says to dd6 at supper tonight, unprompted, and completely without discussing it with me first - in a "confidential" loud whisper,

"After you're finished Rosetta Stone, I have something very special for a treat!"

"What is it?" she asked.

"Starfall! We should do Starfall instead of Reading Eggs!"


Oh-kay. So they did. Same old lessons, same old stories; low-tech, doesn't track their progress, doesn't reward them with games, songs, prizes, fluff... and they loved it.


So there goes however-much I spent on Reading Eggs (half price, but still):001_huh:.

I guess sometimes "less is more" when it comes to kid-appeal. :001_smile:

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Right now my kids prefer reading eggs (except for the boy who finished it but isn't ready for Reading Eggspress).


Some of RE is too repetitive, but at least I can track progress and move them up to the next level if they just can't handle another game about ING Starfall is fun and More Starfall has good content, but my kids were just doing the silly stuff (games, silly songs).

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True... but since I'm right with them when they're using either one, I'm not too worried. With Starfall as with Reading Eggs, we do a "lesson" first, then play. :-)

Still shaking my head here... here I was figuring they'd love RE way more, but they missed Starfall so much. :-(

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