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Memoria press geography


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We are about halfway through the States & Capitals book. It is very straightforward. You first review continents, oceans, time zones, etc. Then you learn the states by region at a rate of about two a week (and the Great Lakes). For each state, you write the states that border the selected state on a map, you write the capital, postal abbreviation, state motto, and a fun fact about the state that you can find in the 50 states book. After each region is finished, there is a quiz. There is a test at the end of the year.


We try to review the states every day during our recitation time, and we are very pleased with the retention. My son really likes the book and counts it among his favorites. It takes about 20 minutes once a week.


I am really excited about the Geography I course next year.

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I bought the beta version of the geography program (Middle East, Europe and North Africa) in the fall, after checking it out at a conference in May, with the intention of using it this year, but we shelved it early on. I'll probably pull it out again next year.


It's very simple, and a quick way to get some basic geography into the day. Read the text about a country and fill out a worksheet. The text has a brief history, and an overview of the modern state of that country. The workbook has fill in the blanks, mapwork and review worksheets. The Teacher's Guide has copies of the worksheets (like other MP teacher's guides) with the answers printed on them, a review section on the geography of the US (includes maps), and quizzes and tests.

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