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Using HOD with PR and then CW...

Honey Bee

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Do you think this would work? I'm using Phonics Road now and want that to lead into Classical Writing Homer. I've been searching high and low for a history curriculm and I really like the structure and skill building HOD offers. Would this plan work if I did PR/CW in place of HOD's grammar, spelling/dictation, and handwriting? I would also use Dithor as a reading plan and not do any of the workbooks.


I'm especially interested if you've used something like this in Preparing and higher guides.


It surely wouln't be more writing than someone who used say...CW and Omnibus together for 7th-12th...right?

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Hi, Melissa!


I'm using HOD, but I'm not familiar with the other programs you mentioned. I know that the HOD author says that it's okay to use your own programs for those areas, so I wouldn't think it would be a problem. I do know that the older levels of HOD have lots of writing intertwined with the History and Science lessons.


Hope that helps!:001_smile:

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I agree with Heart_Mom. I have read that Carrie has mentioned one can choose their own LA but from what I have read and seen of the upper guides (from samples, I only have Preparing) it looks like it would be hard to separate HOD's writing.


Next year I plan to put my dd in Res. to Ref. and would have liked to continue using WWS but I'm going to let it go and use what HOD recommends. I think because HOD weaves the writing across the curriculum it just seems easier for me (Homeschooling6 mom:001_smile:) to use what is scheduled.


One can always try it and see how it goes.


I am currently using Preparing, the only thing I am adding to it is All About Spelling (and our own math). I think with Preparing you'd be able to get away with it though, just not sure with the upper levels after that.

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