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  1. Thanks so much for the advice. I will look closely at the scope and sequence. I'll also grab some patience, I'll probably need it!
  2. Thanks so much, I'm gonna think on it. FLL is a great start. I don't think my 3rd grader would mind if we accelerated some of the early noun lessons. So I'm going to do SE4 with older two and either FLL or Shurley combined with the other two. If I go through FLL first, I could start them on SE3 and give myself some time to get settled in with the olders doing SE4. Boy it helps to think outloud! Thanks for the recommendations OhElizabeth! You were very helpful!
  3. Thank you for responding! One of my reasons for looking at Shurley was our use of LFC and their new Writing & Rhetoric curriculum. They use/suggest SE. And it just has so many darn people talking about how well their kids did on standardized testing and into adulthood with grammar. That speaks. I think I'm going to put my older two into Shurley 4. Do you think a bright 1st grader and slow 3rd grader could handle Shurley 2?
  4. I've been looking closely at JAG or Shurley English (recommended by VP). I have: a distractable and all boy 11yo boy (reads fast and well) a lego-maniac details oriented 10yo boy (reads slow and carefully) a slow learning 9yo girl (about a 2.5 grade reading level, she just does everything in her own time KWIM ;) a energetic, social Sue 7yo girl (reading well, trying to read crazy big books, its pretty cute!) So, what levels of Shurley English, would you put this brood in? I'm having the hardest time figuring this out. I think I could do a combo of combining and skipping levels. The older 2 have had regular english for a few years now and my 9yo girl has had none yet. They all just turned their ages in Dec/Jan. I am just getting fustrated with retention and my time. I know SE is pretty teacher intensive. I don't mind spending quality time teaching, if its effective.
  5. Originally used R&S this year, but just. can't. make. it. work. I really wish I could, so I'm just moving on...now my older students are using KISS and have completed the first section. We will continue doing KISS till I figure out the grammar thing. :banghead: For writing my 3rd, 4th, and 5th grader are using CW at different levels, and its going well. So...we need to find a complementary grammar program. I think I would really like AG, but KISS seems mighty similar, just with a crazy confusing website. The printable books are actually pretty logical and clear, we all are liking them. I've been looking at JAG for my 4th and 5th Grader and it looks like it would be a good complement to CW, but if by chance KISS would do the trick, we could continue that too. I really have tried to navigate the KISS site to figure out if they cover the same topics as AG, some I can say for sure, yes, they are covered, and some I'm not seeing it. Grammar terms explained, (KISS: Yes) Parsing, (KISS: Yes) Diagramming, (KISS: NO) Usage (such as s/v agreement, etc.) (KISS: ???) Capitalization and Punctuation Rules/Practice (KISS: Some????) Editing practice (KISS: ???) Any thoughts?
  6. I am loving it!!! I think my kids would really have fun with this too!
  7. Just curious. I'm using MP K with my kinder and liking it very much. I'm more hesitant with my boys to use it though (they are third and fourth grade). :bigear:
  8. :lurk5: I like the looks of them too. Wish I could find more info on those who use Daily Grammar.
  9. Hi Melissa,


    I see you are viewing the forum right now. Me too! I hope you are doing well. Baby should be here soon, right?


  10. Singapore and Rightstart are our main ones. We just received LOF and it's a hit so far. :)
  11. Thanks for chiming in! HOD is one that is at the top of my list. I like how HOD integrates Bible into their plans. That's something they do a little differently than the other programs I'm looking at. Living Books does look good. They have some great books on their list. It seems very similar to HOD for me. Thanks for the suggestion!
  12. I was hoping to hear from those who had the same "likes" and successes as we have. Thanks for chiming in! Getting a lot of TOG responses. :) I'll have to chew on this some more...
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