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Looking for a comfortable/beautiful daubed for our guest room

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It needs to open into a double bed for company, yet be extremely comfortable for me to get some much needed sleep. I would also like it to double for a sofa-ish place for kid reading during the day.


Oh, I would like to order online and have it brought to me:D





My dd's daybed came from an unfinished furniture place (I finished it myself) and I bought the mattresses at a mattress store.


That said, however, a quick internet search turned up this place:



I have also had luck with JC Penney. I just peeked at their site, and they have a wide variety of daybeds/trundle beds.


Also, if you want a metal frame, you could try consignment stores (but they may not deliver). I wouldn't buy a used wood one, if I could help it, due to the bed bug possibility. A metal frame with lots of throw cushions is comfy for reading.


As a side note, and you already may know this, you'll most likely want a thinner mattress for the part that slides under the frame. The mattress salesman made that suggestion to me, and I'm glad he did... we bought a nice, thick mattress for the top and a thinner one for below (but still nice and comfy). There is no way we could recess the trundle bed if the thicker mattress was on the bottom.



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