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Apologia Zoology 1/Flying Creatures


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I am seriously contemplating purchasing this along with the Junior notebook and experiment kit as well.

I'm wondering, if you've gone through this book along with the experiments and/or journal, what did you think of it?


Were the experiments well done?


Did your child enjoy/learn from this course?


I would do this with my soon-to-be 8 year old dd.


Thank you!

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We are only a short way through Zoo. 1, and my dc are loving it. I bought everything-kit, notebooks, etc... (because that's what I do:D), but now, I am thinking we shouldn't have gotten the notebooks. My ds just turned 8, and hates to write, and my dd doesn't mind it, but we have been doing a lot of the things in her MLB (sketch book). She will draw pics & write the information. They both have bird logs, and we are reading The Burgess Bird Book & doing the activities from www.satorismiles.com . All of those things, plus the experiments are plenty. Oh-I have printed off some quizes from the Yahoo group, also.


I think if I had them do all of the stuff in the notebook, they would have been burnt out. This way they enjoy it. But, every child is different; yours might like the notebooks.

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After two years of searching for a science that I liked, we finally found this book (series) and LOVE it! Science is actually getting done, much to my daugher's delight.


I have the book and bought this lapbook from Currclick.




We follow the schedule and book list that 3Blessings4Me posted in this thread:




(The links are showing X'd out when I open the thread, but when I click on the X it still opens up correctly.)


I her schedule she breaks the lessons down into smaller chunks which makes it easier to use with younger children. It will take a little longer to finish the book (40 weeks), than a "normal" school year.


When we first started the book, the Jr. Notebook wasn't out yet, but if it had been I would have gotten it as well. I've looked at the samples and it looks great!

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I'm actually planning to do this this year too! :D


I was suppose to do it last year but our books got lost in transit. ;) So, I'm KINDA hoping I can do this AND Biology this year, but I dunno.. ANYWAY.. I saw that at CBD someone sells a lesson plan all laid out for what to do each day. :D Planning, at this point, to do it that way. ;)

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