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twice exceptional children

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We've been putting our boys through testing this year and my younger son is testing out as being 2E. He'll continue vision therapy (convergence insufficiency) and will start OT (fine motor), and SLP (articulation). I'm trying to sort out the academic end of things.


Any advice??? He's my 3rd SN child. I guess dh and I are, uh, special. :glare:Life is already complicated here, iykwim, so I can't give him as much as I would like to in the way of time, energy, and resources.


He'll be in first grade next year.

I'm contemplating using:


MUS (with blocks and with an isolator and number stamps for the wb)

SOTW audio

OPGTR with visual modifications

FLL1 (all orally)


I have no idea what to use for the rest of his material. Suggestions?


FWIW, he narrates well from audio materials, cannot write a curved line, and is reading cvc and some sight words. He loves watching Curious George and the PBS News Hour and is comfortable discussing either. I just asked him what books he wants to get tonight at the library. He suggested books about creatures with exoskeletons, Star Wars, classifying clouds, how tendons and muscles work together to make his body move. He definitely has a science bent.


Thanks in advance!

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Calvin is 2E. We did a lot of work orally to keep his brain engaged, whilst working on his writing and motor skills. Slowly he did more for himself and he is now in school. He gets a few accommodations (extra time for exams and use of a keyboard) but he fits well grade skipped.



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