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Materials Needed for CC at Home


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this thread was actually posted today, http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/showthread.php?t=340054


Here was my response to her

Honestly all you would need would be the Foundations guideand the timeline cards. After that the other stuff is bonus. The memory work cards are helpful and smaller than the guide to carry around but all the info is in the foundations guide. I do use the audio cd regularly for the history sentences and for skip counting but I am sure you can google skip counting and get many suggestions.


The foundations guide contains all the memory work in a weekly fashion. http://www.classicalconversations.co...tionSample.pdf there is a sample.

Hope that helps.

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I am very new to CC but I can tell you that the core content book and the CDs are a must. In the past the history cards would be needed too but if you wait 1-2 months they are coming out with their new book, CD, and their very own history timeline so the Veritas Press cards won't be necessary. While the cards are great the book will have them in too.


The book gives you everything but the CD has been invaluable for the latin pronunciation and the ability to pop it into the car and review while driving etc.


I like the cards but will be waiting to get them as the book itself will now have them.


I think the current/old materials are great too and if you don't want their newest updated version... I would watch for people to start selling them so they can buy new and snatch them up for a good deal maybe.

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I, too, started doing CC at home with my 4 kids......I had loved what CC offers. I just didn't have the budget to put 3 kids through their Foundations/Essentials program.

So, I invested in the Foundations book, the Audio CD, the memory CD (which I use to print out facts to work on in the week) and I already had some of the Veritas cards, so I just bought the rest.

I took a lot of online help. I use this blog, which helps me with a week by week break down of each subject.


Do check her out....She is a mine of information on everything CC. She offers lots of resources to check out like lap books for history (kids love it!!), a very nice science curriculum, lots of math games.....lots of online games/videos for history, music and art etc. She even helps with ideas on how to organize your CC at home.

CC will become so much easier, yet challenging, engaging and so much more meaningful and your kids will love it!!! Mine LOVE it!!

I hope this helps......

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