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  1. Lori, thank you for your helpful response! Seriously that is exactly what I was needing a little bit of hand holding and pointing in the right direction! I have been having my gal do all 7 pages of MUS work, what I may do is cut that back and if she gets the topic fill in with the same topic from MM. So she sees a different approach. When using two different math programs would you even attempt to tie them together. "Remember when we did this in MUS?" or teach it separately and let it click for the student? Thanks Amy, I want to add LOF too but I really want to get my hands on it f
  2. I like MUS from the teacher stand point and for once in MY life I get math :) and it works for my daughter. I think it is weak on the subjects of money, clock and geometry. I also just want her to see questions asked in a different light. I notice when we see a math problem somewhere else she struggles with it because it isn't the MUS way. I was thinking the blue series was more stand alone on subject so we could tackle some of those things in addition to MUS and maybe use it to firm up the concepts we have already covered from MUS. Do you think there is a math curriculum that does a good
  3. Has anyone successfully implemented both programs? We use MUS and I was considering the blue series from MM to supplement the gaps. I am just unsure how *exactly* this will work and I wondered if anyone who has "been there done that" has any advice. Thank you!
  4. You guys have really helped me realize my expectations are realistic and doable and I am not slacking. I think working on routine and regularity will be key for us! I am probably going to loosely homeschool year around, it just helps with our lifestyle. Thank you for all the advice!
  5. THANK YOU! This is all such practical helpful advice! We probably average 5 hours a week for K and I am okay with that. I am trying to figure out how we move from 5-8ish hours a week to meeting our states requirements in 2nd grade. I think the biggest thing we need is better routine! So helpful! Thank you!
  6. I am still trying to get my feet under me as far as homeschool goes. I keep saying "She is only in K" but I cannot say that forever. I am trying to lay out some realistic goals for next year. What has worked for your first grade year? I am going to keep the focus on Language Arts and Math and throw in other stuff. How many hours a week have worked for you? Any 1st grade tips as I prepare for next year?
  7. Thank you! This is really helpful, I was thinking 8-9 hours a week with approximately 1 hour of seat work a day. The rest would be fun stuff but I want to try to be intentional to give her the opportunity to exercise, be creative, and play games together. Thanks!
  8. I need a goal for myself of hours per week. I want it to be realistic but what my daughter needs. This number would include, language (reading and writing), math, art, physical activity, read alouds, games, and memory work. I am thinking seat work plus all the other stuff. I am NOT including our CC day. What is a realistic goal? What are you or have you done for K? Thanks!
  9. Love her blog, there are some other great ones out there too... search pinterest too OH MAN :) I am strongly considering these lapbooks, http://www.wisdomandrighteousness.com/resources/memory-work-lapbooks-for-cycle-1/ And here is a book/reading list for cycle 1 :) http://www.wisdomandrighteousness.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/FoundCycle1SuggResources21.pdf
  10. Also, I am considering adding these in too... http://www.wisdomandrighteousness.com/resources/memory-work-lapbooks-for-cycle-1/
  11. This post is perfect timing for me. I have been brainstorming the past few days. We did CC last year as a 4 year old and it was great but we had a really stressful year in life so I am looking forward to digging in next year. My goals for K are getting into grooves and routines. Having structure and going from there. Really trying to keep it simple. Reading/writing - IEW PAL 3-4 times a week Math - Finish MUS Primer and working with the Rightstart Abacus 2-3 times a week Bible - stil not 100% sure Memory Work - review regularly and dig in via books, videos, activities on a few specific t
  12. Worthy conversation to have. I am going to be out pocket the next two days. Didn't want you to think I was posting and running. To clear a few things up, the we is me and my family. If it came across as I was representing anything other than that I apoligize. Also, we don't bring d@mnation upon ur children. They know they are sinners in need of a savior and My 5 year old has a basic understanding of what sin is. We proclaim grace in our house often and regularly. D@mnation does nothing if grace is not present. Just a question this has made me think of, why does "discipline/correctio
  13. That is great. I disagree with the assertion that the CTB is a bad idea. There is also a difference between reading the bible for practice or The fact it is a great book of literature and believing that it is the Word of God and reading it for sustenance and being changed by it through the power of the Holy Spirit. Really I mean no disrespect, I just believe we are working from two different frameworks and have different opinions on this issue. :)
  14. I totally agree that balance is necessary. I also stated this is a tool, one tool for people to use to train their children. It is our job as parents to raise our children in the whole counsel of scripture but to say this tool is dangerous I believe is unfair. Yes it could be expanded on, it can be added to but it is what it is a tool. We use other things in our lives at times that are not complete or balanced but we do the job of filling in the gaps. Your warning 'of please be careful was perfect and right.' When coming to God's word we must be careful. This tool is one aid in helping to
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