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Which series to enrich SOTW for 6th grader?

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We're returning to a more classical way of learning, currently doing a study of prehistory and then we'll jump into a chronological study of world history when ds10 is in 6th grade (fall 2012). Since I also have a dd8 that will be in 3rd/4th grade at the time, I was planning on using SOTW as the main history program. I would like to beef it up a bit for ds though, and am trying to decide between The World in Ancient Times, etc. by Oxford University Press, or the Famous Men series by Greenleaf Press.


Which would you recommend for a strong reader, or would you recommend something else? I was also looking at Dorothy Mills' books, especially since we own the Ancient World one already.


I'll be adding in various read alouds as well, for both kids.


Thanks! I think I'll cross post this to the K-8 main board as well.

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My ds who is 6th grade has been doing Sonlight Core 7 which schedules in 2 SOTW books. Core 6 also does this. The other "spine" is George Washington's World.




Thanks - I'll peruse SL and see what that looks like.


ETA: OK, just did this and I LOVE the book list! Thank you!

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