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Inflatable globe?


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I am short on space since our move, and Apologia Astronomy says we need an inflatable globe. I am hoping to get one of good quality and that is accurate so we can use it other times as well. There are a jillion on Amazon, and I would love to order from there as we have prime.


If you have a recommendation, I would be grateful.



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We just finished Apologia Astronomy and you only need the globe for one experiment. It is a really good experiment though. We used our regular globe. You could probably borrow one for that day of school. We have a couple of inflatable globes. While they are good for that experiment, they are not the most accurate if you want to use them for geography. I bought a couple off of amazon, but I can't remember which one.

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I bought this one a couple of weeks ago when it was $2.99 on Amazon. I haven't checked it for accuracy. Instead of being painted/printed after it was in sphere form, it was assembled like a fabric ball would be sewn (orange peel method). Each section was printed before it was assembled, so a lot of the seams don't match up exactly, which bugs me a bit. Also, the latitude lines don't quite match up at the final seam. For whatever reason, they capped the north and south poles with blue water-colored circles. It appears that right in the middle of Antarctica there is a perfectly round body of water. It also isn't particularly detailed.


For very general geography, I think it's fine. DD's still young, so it will work for our purposes for a couple of years. Eventually, we'll need to invest in something better. The plastic is nice enough, though. There is a loop on top of it so it's easy to hang.


Overall, I'm glad to have it because it's better than nothing and was the right price.



Learning Resources 12-Inch Inflatable Globe by Learning Resources

Buy new: $9.99 $4.59

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