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I am not going to fill this one out. I feel like they only send me surveys when it was a killer deal I got and then ask questions that are far too general to have me answer for ONLY that product.


I got a great deal at Best Buy for some 3DS games that they offered this past week.


But the survey says things like, "Please rate the prices on BestBuy.com"


Well, 99% of your stuff is overpriced, however, this ONE item I got was an excellent value. I assume they want me to answer based on the one item, but the question is worded so that they would be able to use it as a "90% of BestBuy.com users find our prices to be 10 out of 10!"


Truth is, I generally try to avoid Best Buy, but this particular deal was great.



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I with you! I don't like surveys. This last week I have been getting hit with requests from Amazon to answer about the various sellers. I have to say, I skipped some, because like you, I don't want to have it misinterpreted.


ie....I bought a battery for my laptop. It came quickly, was packaged well, and was the correct item. For the first 2 days it would only charge if the laptop was turned off and then it died completely after 2 days. So, according to the survey I should give them 5 stars based on the questions. But Now, I have to pay the shipping back to the seller, to get a replacement for what I ordered in working condition. :001_huh: Hmmmm, something doesn't seem right here.

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