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I'm losing my mind--How can I retrieve a deleted text message?

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I could have sworn I got a text or email from my boss saying I didn't have a particular client on Friday. Turns out I did--but I still have an actual memory of reading the text (or email--pretty sure it was a text)!!


I'm not stupid. It was not a dream.


I crossed off the client from my schedule, and therefore didn't show up on Fri. Now I'm in trouble!


I deleted the messages in my phone inbox and my boss has no record of sending it, either.


Any recourse you can think of?

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Depending on the phone company, they may have a record of it on their servers. However, you have to act fast to have any chance of getting the actual content of the message-- IIRC Verizon, for example, only keeps texts around for several days.


However, you can generally request a log of text messages sent and received, showing who sent whom a message and on what time and date. Those can be time-sensitive too, so should be requested ASAP as well. It could help to show that your boss sent you a text message at a particular time.


I'd start by calling customer service. Normal customer service doesn't usually deal with these requests, so if you get a dumb/inexperienced rep you may have to push a bit.

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