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Spelling programs necessary for "natural spellers"/ visual learners?

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My children are both visual learners and natural spellers. I have used CLP Building Spelling Skills workbooks and just the spelling lists in CLE LA. When they have a list of words to work with and study each week they make 100% on their quizzes. They also spell pretty well in daily work, but when they make an error in writing or letter writing I tend to panic and reconsider my approach. Using something like How to Teach Spelling instead. BUT, my daughter and I looked through my middle and high school papers last week. It was a blast and also in the pre word processing days. I made some pretty stupid spelling mistakes myself! We laughed so hard! So, I'm thinking I may just keep going with the CLE word lists and reading a lot. What do you think...

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If your kids are in 5th and 7th grade as your signature indicates, and are good spellers, I would not see a need to use a formal spelling program.

We have not done any formal spelling since I pulled the kids out of school in 5th and 6th grades, respectively. They spell just fine. I correct the rare occasional mistake as it comes up in their writing.

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I've been taking the words that my ds in 5th grade spells wrong on papers and having that be his spelling list each week. I'll give him the words everyday. If he spells it write, it gets a check. Three checks and I cross off the word. If he spells it wrong, he has to write it three times.



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