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How do you attach other links to your threads?

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In the message box, right about where we type in what we want to say/reply/etc. there is a earth with a chain link thingy. Scroll over it and it says "instert link".


Another example... If I want to send someone to my blog, here's what I would do:


Type in:


Jetihoja Academy


Left click and scroll over Jetihoja Academy. It will now be highlighted in blue.


Then I would take the web address from my blog: http://jetihoja.blogspot.com/ . One way to do this by left clicking the link at the top of the page at my blog. This highligts the whole link. I then right click on it (I don't remove the curser from it) and choose cut or copy and then left click. (this copies it to my clip board).


Then I come back to this board and where I highlighted in blue, I will click the earth icon and then enter in my blog address (making sure you get the whole things with the http:// and all) and hit ok.


Jetihoja Academy





The steps I explained above can be done in a different order as well. Once you get the hang of it, do it the way that works best for you. :)


HTH's a little more.



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Do you mean the earth icon at the top of my screen that says "geocities?" That icon seems to be something related to my web browser. That is the only one I see. I'm assuming that I should highlight the http: address in the box above whatever I'm trying to link but I'm still lost...


It's the earth with the little link that's part of this message field. If you roll your curser over the little icons there, it will pop up with this: "insert link." (The others are "remove link," "insert e-mail link," "insert image," and so on.


You select the text *here* that you want to be a hyperlink; click on the "insert link" icon, and "hyperlink" window pops up; paste or enter the URL for the site you want to link; viola! A hyperlink in your text, like this one.


If I don't know the URL for the site I want to link, I open another window and go to that site, copy its URL, then come back here and paste it into the hyperlink dialogue box.

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