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Myrtle Beach on the cheap?

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My hubby's bonus this year is a long weekend in Myrtle Beach SC next weekend. I'm trying to get excited about this. :) I figure if nothing else I'll have a little more time to read than normal since I won't have all my normal housework to do. :)


I'm assuming there will be some sort of indoor pool and I know about the Ripley's homeschool discount. Any other really fun things to do? The high looks like it will be in the upper 50's so we won't be spending much time at the beach. I'd love to see historical places, museums etc but I do have 4 kiddos 10 and under.


Thanks for suggestions. I don't want to break the bank this close to Christmas!

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Myrtle Beach can bleed your wallet dry. I think Huntington Beach is nice. In addition to the beach itself, there is a nature center. Call to see if they have any special programs. There is a hiking trail and lots of alligators, of course.


If you want to spring for the tickets, Brookgreen Gardens is a treat. The sculptures there are magnificent and the Gardens offers a glimpse into the past (SC rice culture). They have a picnic area so you can pack a lunch.


Driving south of Myrtle towards Charleston, you will find the Sewee Visitor and Environmental Education Center that is run by the US Fish and Wildlife. This is free. The center has some nice exhibits and your family can see red wolves in an enclosure along the walking path.


Enjoy your trip!

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Google to find the resort with a waterpark. That makes up for being too chilly to swim in the ocean! And this time of year, they're running deals for as low as $79 per night - for a suite with a living room and kitchen! I think it's Grand Dunes Resort or something like that.


Ripley's Aquarium is nearby and has a huge homeschool discount. The homeschool price is something like 25% of the regular price. It's not as good as the Baltimore or Atlanta Aquariums, but for the homeschool price, it's worthwhile. We also went to Medieval Times the last time we were in MB. It was a fun thing to do once, but it's not cheap. Since we cooked all of our other meals at the resort, we decided to splurge on Medieval Times. We bought our tickets on the internet before we left home, and they were $35 each.


ETA: Here's the link. Their prices are starting at $59 now - for a suite, not a room. http://www.dunesvillage.com/


I just realized your dh's company is probably paying for the hotel, so prices don't matter. But fwiw, my 10 yo really enjoyed the watermark at Dunes Village.

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Although expensive, the aquarium is fun. We usually do a lot of shell searching even in the winter since the beach is so peaceful.


Dunes Village is a really fun resort! Even dh and I love playing on the water slides!


There's always mini-golf as there's no shortage of places. At Barefoot Landing you can visit alligators and watch their feeding times. I can't think of the name right now.


They have also opened a new Pirate Adventure dinner theater that is getting good reviews. There's MagicQuest at Broadway on the Beach that kids enjoy and you can reuse the wand you purchase at other locations throughout the country.


I'm not big on touristy places, but I went to Myrtle this year purposely trying to view it from my children's pov, and I realized it's really a FUN place for them. I'm actually looking forward to going again in the spring (we NEVER go in the summer - too many people).

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Thanks so much for the suggestions!! Yes our hotel will be selected for us. It will have a kitchen so we will mostly cook for ourselves but I am REALLY toying with taking the family to Medieval Times. I called today and I couldn't get into the educational show at a discount but I told her we were a homeschooling family on one income and she told me about a lesser known discount. I'm still trying to justify it but maybe.


I've written all your suggestions down. Keep them coming! Thanks! :)

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