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Loving Exploration Education - what to use next year (science)?

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My youngest dd (almost 11) is loving, loving, loving Exploration Education.


I'd like to do something she loves as much next year (6th) for science (and is as little work for me - she does EE pretty much all by herself), but EE only does Physical Science.


She loves the computer (EE instruction is all on the computer, and also has a daily hands-on project). Has anyone used the JASON project stuff? I'm having a hard time navegating the site to figure it out.


I think I'll do Biology with her in 7th, so I'm thinking maybe some Earth Science and more Chem? We did Mr Q Earth Science last year and she was bored and I think retained very little. I've thought of just doing more of Ellen McHenry's stuff (we did also Elements last year, which she liked but was nowhere near the hit EE is), but that's definitely more work for me, and doesn't include the computer element.


Any ideas??? Must be secular or at least OE.

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