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Has anyone had trouble reading the books in Well-Educated Mind? I love the idea of tackling the program, but I'm very intimidated by the list of books. I find reading anything other than light novels to be trying and I figure I'll give up quickly. I'm thinking maybe I should backtrack and start reading the book lists for high schoolers in WTM.


Are the books in WEM read exactly in the order they are presented? There seem to be different categories. I realize the books should be read in order in each category, but do I need to read the categories in order?


I now have a reason to bring out my copy of WTM again. Woo! :D

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They are in chronological order. This helps when you are looking for those "great conversation" tie-ins. For example, Moby Dick has a lot of Shakespeare references, King Lear in particular; it also has a lot of Biblical references. Knowing those references helps inform the reader as to what is going on in the story. Since Moby Dick, almost any story about obsession will have some sort of reference to Moby Dick.


But, you can read them in any old order and still get something from them. If you are really struggling? You might even start with some of the middle school texts recommended in TWTM.

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