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Guerber and Dorothy Mills


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We're using the Dorothy Mills' Book of the Ancient World right now. It covers Egypt, Mesopotamia,the Assyrians and Persians, etc. After we read through that, we'll move on the the Greek and Roman books.


I use them as a read aloud and jumping off point. I get additional book suggestions from Paula's Archives and A Book in Time. We have a book of 120 history crafts if we're feeling crafty. I guess we use it a lot like other people use SOTW!


As for fitting them into a rotation, the three books I mentioned will cover this year (plus some since we're slow and meandering in our historical explorations). Then we'll move on to the Middle Ages and Renaissance books for the following year. For early modern, I am not sure yet what we'll use, but I've got a couple of years to figure that one out!

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