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Financial Aid - Can someone help me understand this?

Hunter's Moon

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I just finished dropping off my verification forms for FAFSA at the CC's financial aid office on Friday. Today I went onto the school's website and signed into my account. I clicked "My Financial Aid Letter" just for ha-ha's and it says


"Award (non-need based): $564.00." The thing is though, it has it listed under Fall, but this will be for Spring.


Is that all they are offering me? When I go my account and check financial aid by term, it says for Spring of 2012, I only get $564.00 but it is non-need based. Our EFC is 0, so I wonder if they haven't gotten around to need-based yet?


I'm confused and worried. I'm going to talk with them tomorrow morning, but that can't come soon enough :tongue_smilie: Tuition and fees for Spring will be about $2,084 without books. If that's all they give me, what else can I do? Can I apply for loans alone, or because they didn't offer them I can't get them??


I don't know how all this works, but there is no way we can pay anything out of pocket.

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Chances are that they haven't awarded need-based aid yet, so there's still hope.


You could still qualify for need based federal aid if your EFC is 0 (Pell Grant). That wouldn't have to be paid back.


If not, what they offer could be loans. Federal loans have advantages with deferred interest and if I read your cost correctly, there should be enough available that you can still go. With your career plans, I would think it's a worthy investment.

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I called and was told the non-need based was an outside scholarship but they can't tell me from where unless I go there in person :001_huh:


I know I qualified for the Abigail Adams Scholarship, but I'm pretty sure you can't get it unless in a public institution for 12th grade. Hmmm....


Anyways, they said they can't process my federal aid until I bring my final transcript. I am almost done with classes, so hopefully the process won't take too long.

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