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How are you using One Note?

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I just discovered this amazing tool and want to use it to it's greatest potential. Right now, I think I have it set up for lesson plans for my son that he, and his dad who is deployed, can access on their skydrives. I'd like to include more to the lesson plans, including grades and notes, but not sure exactly how to go about doing that.


I'm also very curious about the scanning in option. This might work well for his worksheets just so we don't have paper all over the place.


Any other ways to use One Note? Any suggestions or advice? I think I'm in love.:D

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We love OneNote for research papers. Great tool. We make a tab for each source in a paper, and put all the notes for that source there.


That's a fantastic idea! Love it. I'm still really liking the sharing aspect. Today was our first try with the lesson plan and it went fairly well.

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