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Need a new vacation spot

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After our "international incident" we are a bit scared away from cruises. So, we need something new. We will be reimbursed for our trip and want a do-over.


So, our requirements?????


1. I don't want to cook. I'd like something all-inclusive as I have teens who need to eat every couple hours.


2. The teens need adventures - ziplining, kayaking, surfing, etc, etc, etc.


3. Must be a place GREAT with food allergies. Our latest "international adventure" included a trip to the ER (same one his brother was at for surgery for his appendix) for an anaphylactic reaction to something we were told was safe (I speak spanish and am confident I told them correctly about our issues). I NEVER want to do this again in a foreign country, EVER,


4. Must have fun things for younger kids. Kid clubs. Something. Dh and I want alone time.


Cruising seems like the best thing for us. But, again, I am nervous to do that after our latest "international incident."


So. Ideas???? We'd also like not to fly. My dd and I both really HATE to fly. Really. HATE it. But, we're willing to do it, if necessary.

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