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have you ever left poor feedback...

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I have left a less than 5/5 feedback on a seller's page on Amazon - but from what I recall there was no reply afterwards.


I had a problem with a product - but I filed that complaint through Amazon's system and the company handled the return/replacement.


Are you worried about the comment or do you have an issue with the product and or/shipping?

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I have left poor feedback and never heard from the seller, however, it was for an item that was shipped from Amazon (the seller sent all their stock to Amazon and Amazon mails it out), and so I wrote directly to Amazon for a refund. I think it's more hit and miss if you're dealing directly with the seller - sometimes they're responsive and sometimes not.

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yeah....and they did contact me (email only) and asked what the problem was and said they would check into it....and asked me to change the feedback.....told me they would send me a $5 amazon coupon and never did.....situation was I ordered a used abeka reading book-when I got it,it had all the answers to the questions at the end of the stories filled in-and I tried to erase but still could see it....the description of the book didn't have that included....I just called it a loss and threw the book away.....

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