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??? about consolidating student loans . . .

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I've been in grad school for a while and I've taken out several Stafford loans. There was a term or so when I dropped back and the loan became due. And then I registered for another term and took out a new loan.


Here's the thing: now I'm working on my research project and, while I still am registered, I'm below half-time and the loans are due.




One is to Sallie Mae and another is to MyFedLoan. I think the federal gov't changed something during my process and they're not serviced by the same agency. They're paid to different places and account numbers and due different times of the month.


I sure wish they were together. For simplification. And to possibly lower the total monthly payment.


Can I consolidate when my accounts are split up like this? Which agency do I contact? Does consolidation cost more $$$ in fees?



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Consolidating dh's loans was the worst thing we ever did. The interest rates go up over time, and once you consolidate, the interest rates are based on the earliest loan. So your new loan gets added to your previous loan, but instead of paying say, 9% on the original, and 7% on the newer, you then are paying 9% on both. Be glad that your 2nd loan isn't through Sallie Mae. They are horrible, and lied to us when we consolidated, costing us quite a lot of money.

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