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Any suggestions for Italian language products other than Rosetta Stone (we've heard mixed reviews and we would like something that I can include our two year old in).

My husband is the son of Italian immigrants, however, he is not fluent in the language as his mother (the primary Italian speaker) died when he was a child and his father/grandparents used English around the children (albeit, broken english, lol). When we visit them, most of the extended family speak Italian or broken english. It would be highly useful for the children to know Italian... as our visits to Philly generally leave me feeling like I was inserted into a Mafia movie scene (said with affection as they grab me, kiss my cheeks, and tell me in heavily accented tones to "take care 'dem babies, k?").



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Berlitz had some books like Berlitz Italian for Children: The Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood. This book was published in 1959, and for each story, line by line there is one line of Italian, one line transliterated, and one line translated into English. Since you want to include a 2 year old, this may be the best start for you guys. Just keep reading and repeating!


I found this list which may be helpful to you: http://www.osia.org/documents/Start_Italian_kit.pdf

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