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Switching from RS B to MEP?


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My 7yo ds (2nd grade) is getting ready to finish up RS B and I'm looking for budget-friendly options to switch to in case I can't find a cheap B-to-C set or a complete set of C used. Our budget is REALLY tight, so buying new won't work.


DS isn't a mathy kid, but he's finally "getting it" and starting to plow through the last half of RS B. I'm also getting more comfortable teaching him math, which helps quite a bit. He definitely thrives with spiral programs. Mastery-style anything just drives him (and me) NUTS.


So far, the best option (for multiple reasons) seems to be MEP, but it's a big leap to take, kwim?


I've discovered that I can read the MEP lesson plan files on my eReader, so I wouldn't have to print everything. That reduces the cost even more and makes it extremely tempting to take the leap.


I guess I'm mostly just looking for advice. Is switching to MEP a good idea, or am I crazy to consider it? Any ideas on placement after finishing RS B? I don't mind back-tracking as long as it means he gets a solid foundation in math.



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Is switching to MEP a good idea, or am I crazy to consider it?


MEP is amazing! I don't have any experience with right start, but it seems like a great program. I would look at the samples and backtrack to where you are sure your child will be comfortable. Err on the side of "a little easy" because the problems are fairly challenging. When I was transitioning from Singapore I skipped around a little until I found my daughters level. Just print out a few pages at a time (rather than the whole chapter) until you figure out where you should be. The sequence is quite a bit different than other programs.

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My beginning second graders are working through MEP year 1, book B. They find it challenging, but doable. It is certainly not independent work yet.


I definitely wasn't planning on it being independent work. Ds still needs me to be present to keep him on task when he starts to space out. If I have to be sitting there anyway, I may as well be teaching. :D Luckily, RS isn't independent, either, so MEP being teacher-intensive isn't much of an issue.


onaclairadeluna --Thanks for the tip about printing. That's a great idea until I get a feel for where ds needs to be working!



Still :bigear: for any more opinions or ideas.

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