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Need advice for Umbrella School

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We live abroad and have to submit documents to the Board of Education in this country (Turkey) proving that our daughters are indeed studying under accountability. I am a professional teacher, and have a curriculum I have hand-picked for my children's particular needs and strengths. I do not want to change my curriculum in order to change my umbrella school.


We are currently using Homelife Academy. I am pleased with the services and quick replies and everything about them, except for one big thing. My husband is embarrassed to submit the documents because the name is so unprofessional. Does anyone know of an Umbrella School with good service and a name that sounds like a reputable private school? An additional consideration is the name on the final high school diploma. Considering our university options, the name and professionalism is very important.


Any ideas?

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This is what we use for our kids. www.globalstudentnetwork.com


It is a great program that is used worldwide. We have opted at this point to not do the accredited version. My kids are only in 7th and 4th so it's not a major issue yet. ;)


However, there is an accredited option. It is offered through Internation Virtual Learning Academy or IVLA. http://www.internationalvla.com/


This is an online, accredited private school in California. They meet all national standards and upon completion they issue a diploma from the state of California.

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