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Odd question about MFW


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I noticed a weekly material list in the sample of ADV. It was basic- dried beans, jar of apple butter, cornmeal,...ect.


In CtC I saw that you needed terra-cotta pots, rocks dirt, ect... For planting.


How much on average does the weekly material list cost?

It seems like these weekly items could really add up.:tongue_smilie:

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I've never done a thorough job of tracking the odds and ends costs...


But most of the stuff is stuff I'll use part of for the experiment, then can use again.


or I have it on hand and can use it.


on the CTG sample, that you're seeing, there is the note that specific experiment can be skipped. I used coffee filters and sandbox sand from the local park.


and the food items are stuff that we eat - even if not regularly. So I just figure that as part of my normal, not extra, food budget for that week.


I haven't spent tons of money on them. but I can't give a figure over the years either. I've never tracked it. But I never felt like I'm breaking the bank.


the most expensive item I bought was "modeling beeswax" one time purchase in ECC.... used it several times and then just play with it. so we bought less in toy that week.



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also on the CTG experiment..... that one can be done with a plastic or styrofoam cup instead of a clay pot. you're making a water filtering system.


or you can just read about it. now that I think about it, I used coffee filter on that and poured some coffee through the filter and let it drip in my cup -- it was weaker and all of that...


there's always quicker ways to do those things and get the same demo done.


ETA: and the most recent year we did ECC, grandparents bought us gift cards to michaels.



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