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I've wanted to join a CSA for several years. Someone I don't know in one of my homeschool groups is starting one. I'm interested in joining, but what questions should I ask before signing up?


I do realize that CSAs don't come with any guarantee - a lot of it is up to mother nature, and a lot has to do with the farmer. I've got no problem helping out someone who is just starting out - and the price they're asking won't break the bank if it's a complete failure. But I would like to know a little more about what I'm getting myself into. I just don't know what to ask.

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if you google search and read, some of it will come clear.... reallly....


we've belonged to several, only switching when we move.


one was where we bought a certain share of one farmer's produce, she emailed us what was available each week, we chose what we wanted, she delivered it to one of many sites around the city and about 10 people picked up from each site. if there was extra produce, she put it in our bags. if you went on holidays or missed a week, then you could get extra another week until you reached your share limit. each year she would ask us what we liked and didn't like, and would plant more of the things that people enjoyed most.


the one we are with now, you can choose whether to pay for a small crate or a large one, and you pay as you go each week. that means you can take as many holiday weeks as you like without penalty. but we don't get any say in what is in our box. they also sell add-ons, so you can order grass fed beef, for example.


so for questions, i would ask

i) cost and billing (all upfront, once a week or somewhere in between)

ii) delivery time and place (flexibility with time or ??)

iii) whether you have any say in what you get

iv) how it works when you are away, or over holidays, or if you forget...

v) is it all organic, where does it come from, who grows it, etc, etc...




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But I would like to know a little more about what I'm getting myself into. I just don't know what to ask.


Some CSAs offer the occasional "on the farm" activity, like corn boil, pumpkin picking, pesto making, etc. These can be great opportunities for city kids to get out and see what a farm is really like and where food really comes from.

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It is generally nice to have (usually) organic vegetables straight from the farm.

I would ask what they are planning to have. If it is overwhelmingly items you don't care for, it may give you pause.

If it is veggies and fruits you would be buying elsewhere, then it's usually a good deal.

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