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?'s abt ADD & ADHD

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An acquaintance of mine is writing a paper on ADHD children.


She's asked that I ask the hivemind here "if you have an ADHD child, what kind of discipline works for your child?"

I am a mama with ADHD (severe) and what worked (or would have worked better) it lists.


Gold stars, charts, something visible and out at all times. :)


Also working with the child instead of against them, to help develop skills that are weak and missing. For example, monitoring homework or bedroom cleaning. Not in a hawk kind of way, but in a "Hey, we are in this together." kind of way.


Positive, positive, positive.


We are hard enough on ourselves. We don't need the people closest to us to be hard on us too. :001_huh:

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So I have a 3.5 year old with ADHD and Oppositional Defiance...the special educators have put together a variety of lists with very specific consequences IE we are going to disney world so we have a laminated piece of paper that has pictures of line = fun ride no line = no ride fit in line = going to the car...We also have listen to teacher = token, no listen = no token, throw toys, hit teacher = teacher leaves. We have just started a token economy to reward any behavior we desire so at Disney she will be getting tokens for holding hands or sitting in the stroller when she has 5 she gets a prize/treat.

Time out is not sucessful for her (basically she attacks and viciously) so we have a system where if she hits after being taken to time out she goes to her room to calm down...once calm she must come downstairs and complete her time out. That is the only way we have had a successful time out experience.

I will say the discipline parenting piece is a step more than every parenting book I have read.

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Repetition, repetition, repetition.


My dd used to lie and steal, but she's basically a compliant child. She did these things out of impulsivity and delayed cognitive understanding rather than maliciousness. For a long time, I felt like "We always tell the truth" was a mantra in our home. I also said quite often, "If you want to use something that belongs to someone else, you have to ask. If you don't ask, it's stealing." The behaviors eventually stopped and I'm glad we didn't make a big deal out of them.


We write things on the calendar so she knows what to expect.


We have to remember to follow up when we tell her to do something, to make sure she actually did it, and remind her when she didn't.


When she was young, I just kept her with me all the time. If she was in a room by herself, she was doing something dangerous or destructive. I guess you could call that "preventive measures." I tried to make sure she was set up for success rather than failure by not giving her an opportunity to get into trouble.


I'm pretty laidback about childish behaviors other than defiance and deliberate disobedience, and since my kid with ADHD is pretty compliant, discipline hasn't been a big issue with her. We've had lots of intensity and chaos, but not discipline issues per se.

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Repetition, patience, understanding, encouraging things to go right, talking about events prior, seeing that they have enough sleep, avoiding processed foods, fidgets, frequent time to be in motion, and consistency!



Same here!!:iagree:

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