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Anyone else attend college(online or in person) while hsing their children?

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Today I am taking my finals to finish up my sophomore year at Liberty University's distance learning program. I am getting my bachelor's in psychology and will get my master's in pastoral counseling after that.


This year has been very hard, but worth it. I love the classes and being a Christian University I don't have to take some of the "normal" general ed courses that are required at a secular university. I am just finishing up Philosophy right now and it has been very interesting to say the least.


I am looking for others, who are hsing their children and going to college too. I need some support and would like to discuss scheduling, classes, and why you are taking classes.


Any takers?

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I just finished my BS at Indiana State, and I'm going into the Masters in Mental Health Counseling in the fall. There's just J and me, and he's 13 now, so it's gotten a lot easier. My mom lives a block away, so I really don't worry about J too much.


Since he's 13, he can pretty much get along for a couple of hours on his own while I'm in class. He's learned to get his chores done by the time I get home and cook his own lunches. We have used Switched On Schoolhouse for everything but History this year and he's doing well. I still do many of his lessons with him, but he's learning with the scheduling that's built into the program that he's going to have to get used to a deadline.


This last year has been horrible--17 hours in the fall semester, and 16 hours with Field Placement in the spring--and I'm exhausted. I'm looking forward to only taking 9 hours and doing internship at the same time! I'm sure the material will be more difficult, but at least I will find it interesting.


I decided a few years ago that working in a factory was going to kill me one way or the other, and my mind was rotting in that place anyway. Also, I realized I couldn't expect J to go to college if I didn't even bother, and I think it's good for him to see. His dad hasn't worked for the last 5 years, and I want J to know that actual grown-ups get off their duffs and go for what they want instead of whining about it. ;) I also don't get any support from J's dad, and I want to have a decent career so I can afford to help him with school when the time comes.


;) Also, I really like going to school these days. I didn't really appreciate it right after high school because I didn't really know what I wanted out of it. Now that I know, I work harder to get there and enjoy it more.

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I am a full time online student through Middle Tennessee State University. I have taken classes part time and full time off and on for several years now and am finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have 3 semesters left! I will be receiving my BS in interdisciplinary studies with an emphasis on psychology and literature. I like the literature best but I had to pick two areas of emphasis. I am decompressing from a hectic spring and will start back in June and am registered for 5 classes, again.

It is really difficult but I wouldn't trade this opportunity for anything. I have learned so much! My kids range in ages from 8 to 14 and they get to see how much I value education and how hard it is to do it while managing a household!:D

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Well, not while hs'ing--at least, not so far. I'm thinking about going back in the next couple of years.


BUT, dh & I were both in school when we had #1 & #2. We took #1 to school w/ us & switched off between classes, except for 1 class/wk for which ds had to come along w/ me. That was our BA.


For my MA, I couldn't find a job, & I'd toyed w/ the idea of going back for teacher cert, so I'd (think Gone W the Wind, when she'll "never be hungry again") Never. Be. Unemployed. Again.


We'd just started trying for #2, & when I found out I was pg, I figured it would be better to be in school than working my first job anyway. I did an MEdT online, & let me tell you. On the days that Sesame St was cancelled to do fund-raising, ds & I were both in tears, lol. I ended up recording a couple of episodes to stave off future disasters.


Fwiw, dh is in school now. Not the same as me, I know, but...well, we all "study" together. Actually, it's kind-of boring for me sometimes. I wish I had a paper to write or a book to read. I end up sewing & feeling the mushiness of my brain as it spreads like mold. How's that? Does that help? ;)

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