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Balancing Johnson's US History - Suggestions Please!

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If you were looking to provide an "opposite" view of Paul Johnson's History of the American People, what would be a good option?


The only other narrative texts that I can think of are Boorstin's 3 Volume set and George Brown Tindall's America. I haven't read either of them so I can't identify their political slant.


I really like Johnson, but want to provide contrasting view-points to help promote discussion. AND I would like a well-written but readable account - something by a writer as WELL as a historian. (We'll be working through an AP Composition Course next year; gotta double-dip if we're gonna make this happen! :D)


If anyone can offer a leg-up, I would appreciate it. AND if you can't identify an opposing text, can you weigh in on Boorstin and Tindall? My ds will be reading Johnson, but if you could add in another which would you choose? Neither? Alternate suggestions please! THANKS!





P.S. I'm actually REALLY enjoying What Hath God Wrought which is part of the new Oxford History Series... but I'm not sure that I want to thrust the set onto my poor student... as "extra" reading. Maybe I should build a course around this set... in my spare time. HA! I amuse myself! Seriously though - good reading! I would recommend it.

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Thanks, Lisa. I ordered it from the library, although I doubt that the library copy will be useful. After reading the Wikipedia article, I suspect that I will need margins to scribble in. :D


If it is what I think it is, it might be just the ticket.

Thanks for the title!


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A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn. I would say this book will definitely give you LOTS of discussion points.



:iagree::iagree: Also, Lies my Teacher Told Me by James W Loewen is a good read. I really enjoyed how it compared school textbooks and what they leave out (or add in).

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