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I've got a new tiled shower. Tips for keeping it clean?

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We've sealed the grout once and will probably do so two more times over the course of the next week or so. (We'd gone 10 days without a shower in our home and were anxious to jump in!)


Any tips for keeping our shower looking fresh and clean?

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Some people swear by using a squeegee, but I didn't have wonderful success with that. Honestly, I have terrific results by simply ensuring that everyone wipes out the shower with their bath towel (after drying off of course). If you wanted to save on laundry, you could designate one towel solely for drying purposes. But this method *really* keeps my shower clean -- including the clear glass doors. Obviously, I still clean it for sanitary purposes, but visually it sparkles all the time.



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Throw all of your bar soap in the trash, and replace it with shower gel. If you do so, you will never have soap scum.


Also, get a hose shower, and instruct all family members to rinse the shower before exiting.


If you have soft water, this is all you'll need to do. If you have hard water, you may want to dry it after every use as well. I've never done this. It's just too fussy to me. I choose to just prevent problems by not having bar soap.

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