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If you use the Modern Algebra Dolciani book how do you schedule it and....

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My planning was fairly basic. I scheduled one day per section unless the section was followed by a group of word problems. Depending on the amount of work, I would sometimes schedule an extra day for these word problems. I allowed a day for the chapter test and a day for "Extra for Experts" (something that is in the '60's and '70's versions of the text).


No, I do not own nor have I seen the teacher's manuals. Having an MS in Math, I am comfortable with the material. That said, it took me about fifteen minutes to work through the final problem in my son's trig assignment today (from the Dolciani and Beckenbach Modern Trigonometry book). Maybe a solutions manual would be easier, but it would not be as much fun. :D




E.T.A. I usually just assign the all (or most) of the odd numbered problems which have answers in the back of the book.

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I take the VERY lazy approach -- I have the teacher's manual, and at the begiining of the TM there is a wonderful section called "assignment guide." The assignment guide has 160 days' worth of assignments done at three levels -- minimum course, average course, and maximum course.


We decided that our kids were, of course, maximum course kinds of kids :D so I do my math assignments each week by copying out the relevant assignments from the TM maximum course assignments onto my kids' personal assignment sheets.


Short, sweet, and simple.


I admire you tremendously for using Dolciani without the TM, Jane!


Of course, the TM only has the answers, not the complete solutions, so if a kid gets stuck I need to experience the "joy" of solving the problem myself. It's good for the brain! I still think you are brave, Jane!

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