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  1. (reader) - maybe a good biography on someone/something prior to the French Revolution (not American). Any thoughts?
  2. Any advice on how to choose a math tutor for your child? How to tell if they would click with your child, are they doing a good job, etc.?
  3. When you've had to seek a tutor for math where did you look? My dd is going to attend a local homeschool high school next year for her high school years and I'm concerned about her math. Thinking I might need to line up a tutor. Where have you looked?
  4. Both my 8th & 9th graders took the EXPLORE test this year instead of the basic IOWA, etc. It's supposed to help them prepare for college and prepare for the ACT. What's a good score on this?
  5. I even remember reading about this on a board. Yes, I need to keep these things in mind.
  6. I've been homeschooling my dd (age 13) since she was in 3rd grade. One of the reasons was due to her math. She just wasn't getting it. We used MUS with good results for 3 years. She grew tired of the format and style so we switched to something else for one year then went to TT Math 7 last year (which seemed a great fit). This year she is doing the TT Pre-Algebra and moving along. Here is the problem. She's not a big fan of math and I really am beginning to think she processes math very slowly. She can be in the middle of a simple multiplication problem and suddenly stop, stare at the pro
  7. I'm doing a poll of sorts! I need your opinions on what your favorite bath towels and sheets are and why? I've decided it's time to change them out and I don't want towels that fade, shrink or don't hold their shape, and are absorbent. Sheets need to be soft and not fade. Any thoughts?:confused:
  8. That sounds right up my dd alley - the horseback riding through Gettysburg sounds great too!
  9. I want to take my 13 yr. old dd on a mother-daughter trip on her 14th birthday. I want it to be special for us. Have you ever done something like this and where/what did you go/do? She loves horses (though we have six at home) and isn't really a girly-girl, if you know what I mean. So, no spa treatment!
  10. When I first started homeschooling my kids I thought I needed to stay on the public schools schedule - until I found out that what they teach changes from state to state and school to school! So, decided I'd do my own thing. My goal in elementary science was to simply get them exposed to the different sciences. Learning about life science is fun at a younger age and can be very hands-on. Kids can change in their abilities - even mid-year, so though you can change what you are doing, I would keep at it - unless your older child is bored silly. You have a lot of time to get in all this good
  11. Grades 5-7. We are going to be studying Japan and wanted some pre-made activity kits w/books maybe!
  12. I'm debating if I should let my 13 yr. old read it. I'm just not sure about the whole boy/girl vampire thing. Can you all enlighten me?
  13. My son attends a homeschool high school 2 days per a week and one of his classes is Geography. At the beginning of the year he had to choose 5 countries - not the U.S. to do CE on. Each week he has to choose from one of those countries. He has to find the event on any media of his choice - usually the internet. He has to print out the article and glue/tape it to another sheet of paper. On the paper he needs to have a heading (Name of source, date of article, and type of news (political, economic, social). He then has to circle 12 key words from the article (words that are repeated often -
  14. is a lost art. I think there should have been more written especially since you were members of the family. We actually flew to another state to see my niece's high school graduation and party, gave her a very generous gift and not a word was spoken. No thank you either verbally or written. We just sent this same child a birthday gift, as we do every year, and no thank you for that either. Throughout the years she has written thank you's so I know she is capable. My heart sure isn't into Christmas gifts for her this year. It's tough. I think it's rude and I just try to live by another exa
  15. What curriculum is out there for Japanese - just Rosetta Stone?
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