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College Daughter has bedbugs

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Oh no! Breathing a sigh of relief she didn't come home over Spring Break. I was a little put out at the time but am now eternally grateful :lol: When she and her roommates discovered them earlier this week, they really weren't taking it seriously. I told her she couldn't come home until they're gone..."Oh C'mon, Mom, you're overreacting." Uh, no daughter, so sorry but I have a husband living out of state and 6 children at home. I love you but keep your bugs to yourself.


In case anyone else has bed bugs, here's a great blog that chronicles one man's bed bug war: http://thebedbugwar.blogspot.com/ They're using this to help them fight the buggies.



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Gross!! :grouphug:


So when she does come home, all her stuff stays in the garage or out on the deck until Mama can wash it all, right?? :D


I've already told her not to bring her laundry home :D She'll be staying at school this summer anyway. She'll be a senior next year so she has a thesis she'll be trying to get a head start on. I can't believe I'm going to have a homeschooled COLLEGE graduate. Where does the time go?

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Garga, if you see this I want to say thanks. Your posts about your bedbug woes and your Ninja bug guy were instrumental in getting her to take this thing seriously. She's skeptical of the internets, but she trusts The Hive like she trusts her Mommy.

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