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Worldview Academy or Summit Ministries or ???

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First question - have any of your kids actually gone to any of these? Did they enjoy it?


My oldest, 16 yog, is not a rahrah girl. She enjoyed camp, but wants something more. I think the cliques at the local Christian camp turned her off. She enjoyed it when she got home but the more the year went on, the less she wanted to go back.


Next question - what age did they go? Summit says they can go as young as 16, but average is 18. She's 16. I think the Sally Clarkson's kids went at 16, for whatever that's worth.


There's the price, the getting her there...


Are there other similar programs I haven't heard of yet??

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Well, disclaimer... My father... has taught several years at Summit (the Colorado one) My step-daughter would have returned each summer, if we had the $$$ for her to go back. We've promised one year for each. It's well worth the money to us, and nominal in price, considering what our local camp charges. They had a blast and listened to seasoned speakers; speakers I'd love to hear!! It's a very safe environment, and they do about 3 really fun activities while there as well as playing games and such each night.


Of course, if she goes to Summit... and is there on July 7th (I think that one starts June 26??) Have her say "Hi" to Maggie! and her g-pa Wayne House :)


PM if you have more questions... :)

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Five of my kids and my SIL have done WVA for 2-3 years. Some have staffed. We plan to send two this summer and one plans to staff at two of the camps. We've never done Summit, but several friends have. IMO, WVA is better for younger and Summit for older. In our family, ideal age for WVA has been 14-17. I wouldn't send a child to Summit before 17-18 (based on discussions I've had with friends who have done it.) We and some of our friends who have done both think of WVA as high school level and Summit as college level.


We love WVA. I can't say enough good about it. It's been pivotal for some of my kids' walk with Christ.

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Both our DSs have done Worldview Academy (older DS 3 times, younger DS 2 times, this summer to be #3). A friend's sons do both -- WVA when a little younger (around 15-16yo), and then Summit just before or just after the senior year. From what I hear, that is the best way to do those camps.


I can safely say, we have had NO clique-ness attitudes ever from the WVA camp staff or students. It truly is about learning how to be a SERVANT-Leader. WVA really goes deep in critical-thinking, encouraging personal daily relationship with Christ, and especially in developing servant-leader attitude. Honestly, both our DSs came back changed from their first camps. Esp. our older DS -- it was like a switch flipped; he really took ownership of his faith, and has stepped out in godly maturity ever since.


Both organizations are great, so I don't think you will "lose", whatever you decide! Warmest regards, Lori D.



A bonus: I am SO excited -- our older DS JUST got the news he was accepted to serve on WVA staff this summer -- so he will be traveling with WVA for 8 weeks, and he will be on that team that will be there in NC near you!! :)

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