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Why do I keep having weird dreams about presidential candidates/former presidents?

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:blink: The last two nights I've had dreams about current candidates or former presidents. In both cases I asked for their autographs because I thought their autographs might be worth something someday (how nice am I in my dreams?) even though I don't "like" them. And in both dreams they fit every stereotype ever conceived (even ones that I don't really necessarily agree with) and they both had really poor handwriting skills. One of them had to do dot-to-dot in order to sign his name. :001_huh: For the record, I don't think THAT lowly of any of the candidates! LOL


I haven't even been paying super close attention to the election "stuff" so it's not as if I've been obsessed or anything.


What is with my dreams?? :tongue_smilie::lol:

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