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I find it overpowering (scented detergents, fabric softener)

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A friend gave us a set of bedding that her son outgrew. It has a space theme and my DDs are thrilled. It's obvious that it has been freshly laundered as the scent is overwhelming. We use only unscented detergent and no one in the family wears any type of perfume/cologne, etc. I guess we are just sensitive to scents as they give me a pounding headache and cause DH to start sneezing.


So, I've put the bedding through the complete wash cycle with no detergent to try to rinse out the scent. I've dried it and while better, it still smells strongly. Any ideas? I'd hate to waste water by continuing to wash a perfectly clean set of sheets! I'm thinking about trying to hang it outside for a while tomorrow. Should that help?



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I had a similar problem years ago. I rewashed with baking soda and dried it. Then air fluffed it for about a zillion times.


Finally, I laid the thing out (blanket in my case), sprinkled baking soda all over, folded it, sprinkled it, folded it, sprinkled it, on and on until completely folded. Then I wrapped it in a plastic trash bag and left it alone for several days. I washed it again with some vinegar and dried it. We finally had success! Dd swore for several more washings that she could smell some residual scent and I do believe her. So, I did a longer wash cycle and more air fluff after drying. Eventually, it did finally get all right

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